An Ocean of career choices


Do we really have an ocean of career choices?

This is a question definitely worth asking, since weíre living in a time where all are marching towards a government job or a career that our parents and families want us to acquire on the pretext of being financially safe and secure. Government jobs and other professions found in medical, teaching and legal areas and so on, are great and to get one is an achievement in todayís time with so much competition. On the contrary, there are other endless possibilities and opportunities out there just waiting for those who are gifted, skillful, and actually excel in that particular field, be it technical jobs, media, or sports etc.

There is indeed an ocean of career choices. All we need is effort to get out there to show what can be done and achieved through the opportunities that are before us. Additionally, our families need to understand that apart from a government job, a career can be made from other interests as well. Of course, we should listen to and respect our families and elders because they want what is best for us and our future, but we should also stand our ground when we want to pursue something even if they donít want this career for us or approve of it or if they think that itís not worth pursuing. And if this career is something that one is good at, he or she should proceed and pursue it because when a person does something that he or she enjoys, then an effort of 100% is given towards that particular job with commitment and faithfulness, leading to success and career heights.

For those seeking jobs, open your minds, broaden your search, and see beyond what you see now to where you can actually go what you are gifted to do, in order to achieve greater things, bring changes, and develop oneself in various ways in order to impact and inspire generations to come.

By Kyntiewbor Kharbani, MEG

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