Do aliens exist?

“This is a fantasy”, some call it. Everyone is amused by the idea of an alien dwelling somewhere in this huge universe. Before, it was believed that aliens existed in our very own solar system. Now that we know almost all the planets in the solar system, the idea is now shifting to a broader horizon. Children are fond of watching movies, plays featuring aliens. But is it just a myth or reality. Possibility of existence is neither remote nor close. We are aware that there are countless stars in the universe. Even our own galaxy, the Milky Way hoists innumerable of them. Moreover, if there are planetary bodies around the sun then we cannot deny the existence of planet-like earth revolving around sun-like stars. Recently scientists have discovered a way of measuring the pull at the surface of distant stars. This will tell how much you will weigh on the star. This can give information about the possibility of life on planets surrounding it. The new technique is known “auto correlation function timescale technique” or timescale technique.

The National Aeronautical Space Agency of the USA has recently started a project the Nexus for Exo-planet System Science to accelerate the search for life on planets orbiting other stars or exo-planets by combining insights from the fields of astrophysics, planetary science, helio-physics, and Earth Science. This is to understand the habitable niches that are most likely to occur. The search for life is just getting hotter. Any planets that are habitable can harbour aliens.

Another incident that alludes to the existence of aliens was recorded in thenational newspaper, The Indian Express on 13th October 1967 atDympep about 16 miles from Shillong in the state of Meghalaya.

An excerpt from the news read, “ The flying saucer was first noticed by villagers of Laitkroh, about 2 miles away from Dympep village where the object is reported to have spun like a top about 500 feet above the earth, emitting bright red and green colors. Its diameter was roughly 20 feet to 30 feet. The object remained for three to four minutes in one position in the sky and then hovered on another spot close by where it again spun above the earth for few minutes. It then flew over the dak bungalow area and landed in a stream”

So we cannot for now deny or prove the existence of aliens. The possibility of existence is still a mystery, yet I believe non-existence is neither absolute. Out there, they must be living, toiling, merrymaking and searching for others life forms like us. But why we are still in the dark?

Firstly,they may be inhabited in very distant star-planets. Secondly, they may be completely different from us. We may not identify them as human-like and they may not identify us as their-like. Thirdly, their requirements for life may be different or anathema to ours. Finally, it may be too complex and intricate for us to comprehend.

Scientists are progressing fast in their quest for knowledge and we can hope that one day they will answer this question. If they existwe will one day find them or they find us. Then we can define a new order, from the current world order to universal order or it would mean the extinction of either us or them.

If you are convinced that this is another fiction boggling your mind, think of a television in the 1st century!

By MPA student

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