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“Learning Community “ will be a platform for all those associated with IGNOU; a mission of taking education to far reaches of the country; to share ideas, experiences in education and its dissemination. We welcome ideas/short articles from our valued learners, colleagues, co-coordinators and academic counselors.

Education plays a pivotal role in developing skills and human resources. Distance Education is not only alternate learning, it is learning for people who desire to bring back continuity of education in their lives. It is continuing education for those living in remote areas and hilly tracts.

Learning Community as online magazine of IGNOU Regional center Shillong will affirm or reaffirm faith in learners of IGNOU as a vibrant community to share their views on education with peer groups and teachers. We also invite academics to express their views on education as salutary and binding force;applying knowledge for use and benefit of societies.

The internet must be used rigorously to augment the culture of education. One must use it not for rhetoric and slander but for creative processes of learning, giving and sharing. Information, which is at our doorsteps because of the World Wide Web, must be concomitantly transformed to knowledge of head and heart.

Welcome all to this platform, which we will be updating periodically. However, we will be depending heavily on your brief articles and views!

Editorial Board

“Learning Community”

IGNOU Shillong

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